Ever popular show stopper Digitalis Pam’s Choice XXL this year.

Right Plant Right Place, an easy win!

Spectacular Foxgloves loving the abundant Devon damp and warmth.

All gardeners love a challenge, but a prudent plan is to select a backbone of plants that naturally relish your conditions.  Soil moisture levels are still high after one of the wettest Springs on record.  At Abell Perennials moisture lovers are having a ball!  Our address is Watertown, which gives a clue!  Late Spring highlights such as  Trollius cultivars Golden Queen AGM and Lemon Supreme, Delphinium Black Knight , Digitalis Pam’s Choice AGM and Anthriscus Ravenswing  steal the show.

Soils here are generally heavy and humus rich. After the travails of Summer 2022  I began work on a plant range to tolerate long  Summers of drought and extreme heat.  Right now this seems less urgent, but in a few weeks time maybe not.

Climate change no doubt brings challenges, and a need for a flexible approach; but to focus on naturally prevailing conditions seems a good start point.